The Challenge:
General Mills’ brand Reese’s Puffs had existing creative muses that previously guided the brand on how to appeal to Gen-Z culture. Although, the creative muses did a great job in defining the brand’s unapologetic “more yes” platform, it was a one dimensional view of Gen-Z culture and audiences.
The Solve:
Through extensive cultural and consumer research myself and team dimensionalized Reese’s Puffs’ Gen-Z audience into different archetypes with their own subcultures, lifestyles, and interests. To solidify these findings and provide more clarity to client we paired each archetype to previous Reese’s Puffs partnership, campaign, or activation.
In addition to building new audience archetypes the brand’s tone of voice and brand behaviors were also revitalized to guide future partnerships/activations and product innovation such Reese's Puffs x Ambush.​​​​​​​